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Oct 12, 2012 7:00am PDT
weather threat today, from midland to dodge city there. that's where the threat for tornadoes, large hail and, of course, the damaging winds will be. tomorrow, it's flying east. and weekend "gma," i'll have the details tomorrow morning. that includes chicago and minneapolis tomorrow. severe weather, moving across the country. that's what i'll l >> wow. wait until you get out here, sam. quite the excited crowd this morning. let's head back in. you have the morning menu, buddy. >> we'll have the updates on weekend "gma." >>> here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu" on friday. jennifer aniston, everyone, revealing the secret behind her famous hair, with a little help from science. >>> is your handbag killing you, ladies? it's our "gma" purse intervention. >>> unbelievable "deals and steals" for our viewers. we're going to show you what's in the box, coming up here, live from times square. we saw that last tide commercial with the parents and the cute little baby triplets... well wait until your triplets move back home after college. we were enjoying our empty nest. and now it'
Oct 24, 2012 1:00pm EDT
nancy in midland, texas, supporting romney. you are on the air. caller: thank you so much. i have enjoyed listening to all of these debates, but i do want to say to the person that was talking about are questions not being answered, we have to remember that they have to respond to the questions that are put to them. we would like to put questions to them, but we do not get to do that. secondly, i want to say that i fully believe that romney has stated numerous times on what he plans to do. everyone keeps saying he is not saying what he wants to do, but he has. i believe that he has. third, i want to say that i fully believe that we are still one nation under god, indivisible, and i believe that as christians we need to get out there and vote if we do not want the changes that are coming up on america. host: nancy from midland, taxes. another look at twitter. democratic line supporting obama, denise in florida. hello. caller: and calling in in response to third-party voters. i listened to the debate and one thing that really caught my attention was the candidate who mention free ed
Oct 28, 2012 12:00pm EDT
daniels midland and that was made into a movie with matt damon in 2009. he wrote conspiracy of fools, that dealt with the enron scandal land issues that broth and run down. he was a writer and didn't -- investigative reporter for the new york times and later with the business magazine portfolio. he is a renaissance man when it comes to subject matter, he has done investigative reporting on such diverse topics as the clinton pardons, the wall street scandal, child pornography and exploitation on the internet. today we talk about his new book "500 days," which is a book that essentially begins at or about 911 and concludes as we commence the war in iraq. please welcome kurt eichenwald. >> thank you. >> the first question is why this book, particularly given the amount of time that has intervened between the commencement and the iraq war and numerous books that have dealt with it? >> the biggest reason is i have never been one to believe that you get the right history from newspapers or magazines or even the first takes. the top book on the bestseller list is about abe lincoln and he ha
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)